The Infinity Hot Tub Collection

A series of 6-8 seat hot tubs featuring an infinity edge and integrated 24″ adjustable waterfall

Privacy, Luxury, & A View

Coast Spas set out to create the world’s first hot tub featuring an infinity edge with the Infinity series. They produced a collection of beautifully crafted hot tubs that feature an undisturbed view across the front edge. On the other side of each spa, you will find a raised back with an adjustable water stream 2 feet wide! So as you relax in your Infinity spa, you will enjoy the added privacy that comes with having a high back wall facing away from your home.

Curve Collection Standard Features

  • Patented Infinity Edge Technology and Design
  • Exclusive 24″ Adjustable Waterfall (Stainless Steel)
  • Raised Curve Back – Wind Shield and Privacy Wall
  • Streaming Water Ropes
  • WeatherShield Cover
  • Owens Corning® Fiberglass Shell with 1 1/4″ Steel Reinforcement
  • Beverage Holders
  • Plush Headrests
  • Multi-Level Ergonomic Seating
  • Digital Float and Fill Gauge
  • Anti-Slip Textured Floor
  • Foam Core Insulation
  • Programmable Filtration
  • Recessed Floor Drain
  • Stainless Steel Trillium Jets
  • Pressure Treated Frame
  • Protective Ground-Shield Barrier
  • Quick-Access™ Gate Valve
  • Recessed Thread-In Jet-Pockets™
  • Super-Sealed™ Barb & Clamp Plumbing

The Only Infinity Edge Hot Tub Series On The Market

Across the front of Infinity series hot tubs, Coast Spas has perfectly engineered an infinity edge. This edge allows water to flow over the top without refilling while providing an unobstructed view. Relax to the sounds of the 24″ inch waterfall while forgetting you are in your backyard and not a world-class spa.

An Innovation In Design

Beyond the incredible view, there are significant advantages to owning a hot tub with an infinity edge. For starters, the edge helps clear the water’s surface of debris while eliminating the need for skimmers and bobbers! You can also count on the water level to remain consistent no matter how many people get in the tub!

Coast Spas Infinity Edge Endless View
Coast Spas waterfall and table with setting

Built For Unwinding In Style

Hot tubs aren’t just for relaxing, and Coast Spas knows this. So get the most out of your spa with upgrades designed explicitly for your tub. For example, the checkboard game table fits all infinity models, features a waterfall design, and is perfect for family game nights.

Coast Spas Curve Couple enjoying soak
Coast Spas Curve Interior

Perfect Options For Your Home

You can customize your Infinity hot tub so that it compliments your home, patio, and landscaping. For starters, you will choose the colors of the tub and all-weather wood cabinetry. Then, upgrade your spas exterior with carbon fiber corners that lite up to match your tub’s interior lights.

Coast Spa Carbon Fiber Corners Upgrade

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The Infinity Hot Tub Collection

Coast Spa Purfikt Infinity Hot Tub

Purfikt - 8 Seats

  • Jets: 39
  • Capacity: 533 gal
  • Size: 115" X 92" X 49"H
  • Weight: 1305 lbs

Coast Spa Cascade II Infinity Hot Tub

Cascade II - 7 Seats

  • Jets: 61
  • Capacity: 480 gal
  • Size: 92" X 101" X 47"H
  • Weight: 1477 lbs

Coast Spas Infinity Wellness System

Coast Spas 

Quality Built Hot Tubs

When it comes to innovation and design, it’s hard to find a manufacturer of hot tubs and exercise pools that does more than Coast Spas. Each of their spas features one of the best filters on the market, a pressurized cyclonic filtration system that is 80% more effective than skim filters and 20% more efficient. Their acrylic tubs are the strongest around, with multiple layers of fiberglass compressed between two layers of acrylic.