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The Apex B Traditional Hot Tub

Jets: 40
Capacity: 410 gal
Size: 92" X 92" X 36"H
Weight: 1482 lbs

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Traditional Apex B Features

  • Digital Control Panel
  • 4″ Vinyl Cover
  • Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet
  • O3One Ultrazo3ne Ozone System
  • Waterline Lighting Package
  • 50 sq.ft. Hydro Cyclonic Filtration
  • Pump:
    6HP (2x 3HP Smart Pump)


  • Lifetime Shell
  • 5 Years Cabinet
  • 4 Years Heater
  • 3 Years Frame

A 7 Seat Traditional Hot Tub

The Apex B is a 7 seat hot tub that features a tried and true flat-top design shot tub owners have enjoyed for decades and has plenty of room for adults of all sizes. Part of the Coast Spas’ Traditional collection and featuring 40 hydrotherapy jets set into seven different configurations, the Apex B Traditional offers a variety of massage experiences.

Directly behind the control panel of the Apex B is a set of textured steps that make descending into the tub easy for people of all ages. You can quickly choose between two bench-style seats on either side of the entry steps.

To the right is a three-jet massager seat that targets the upper and middle back, while the seat to the left holds four jets massaging the shoulders and lower back.

Across the tub is another four jet bench seat, with three jets targeting your upper and middle back and a fourth jet massaging the backs of your thighs and knees.

A final bench-style seat is located across the tub from the entry steps and has a single hydrotherapy jet that will melt the stress right out of your middle back.

The three remaining massager seats are all deluxe bucket-style spaces with padded headrests and occupy the corners of the Apex B. The first space has six jets. Two small jets target your neck and shoulders, while four large jets work deep into your entire back. The other deluxe spa chairs each have ten jets that massage you from your neck and shoulders down to your hips. Leaving no tension unwound.

In the tub’s basin, you will find an additional eight jets set to target the legs and feet of you and your loved ones.

With Apex B from the Coast Spas Traditional collection, you don’t have to travel far to find the ideal escape. This 410-gallon hot tub will keep you stress-free, with a lot of space for your friends and loved ones.

Upgrade Your Traditional Hot Tub with Full Foam

Full foam is the best insulation period. When you choose to upgrade to full foam with your hot tub, the entire cavity is filled with expanding urethane foam. This will provide superior heat retention to loose fill insulation or foam on only the shell walls. This means less power used to keep your water at the ideal soaking temperature. Full foam also provides advanced protection for your internal components.

Coast Spas Full Foam Insulation

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Coast Spas Traditional Custom Options


Acrylic Tub Colors

Coast Spas Acrylic Tub Color - Sterling Marble
Coast Spas Acrylic Tub Color - Midnight Canyon
Coast Spas Acrylic Tub Color - Tuscan Sun

Cabinet Colors

Weather Resistant Wood With/Without Carbon Fiber Corners

Coast Spas Traditional Woodgrain Driftwood
Coast Spas Traditional Woodgrain Walnut
Coast Spas Traditional Woodgrain Charcoal


Coast Spas Traditional Synthetic Grey
Coast Spas Traditional Synthetic Coffee

WeatherShield Cover Colors


Coast Spa Weathershield Color - Black
Coast Spa Slate Color Option - Mountain Grey

Thermal Sealed Cover Colors


Coast Spa Thermal Sealed Color - Briar Brown
Coast Spa Slate Color Option - Mountain Grey