Eco Spa E1 Unibody Hardcover Hot Tub

The E1 Unibody Hardcover Hot Tub

Jets: 12
Capacity: 210 gal
Size: 72” x 60” x 30”H
Weight: 360 lbs

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E1 Features

  • Dual Filters
  • Removeable Service Panels
  • Power Seal Technologies
  • Easy To Use Hardcover
  • Unibody Construction


  • Lifetime Structural
  • Lifetime Eco-Hardcover with Attached Arms
  • 3 Years Plumbing
  • 3 Years Components
  • 3 Years Labor

A Compact Hot Tub With Plenty Of Room

The Eco Spas E1 is a compact unibody hot tub from Eco Spas that is perfect for those with limited space in their home. But compact doesn’t mean cramped! With a 212-gallon capacity, you can be confident that this model has plenty of room for your needs!

Eco Spas’ multi-depth bench seating system featured in the E1 has comfort for all sizes and seats up to 4 adults! Providing a great way to end a night out with friends or soak with that special someone as the 12 hydrotherapy jets melt away the week’s stress.

Need space for four but a bit more room? Check out Eco Spas’ E4 model which features more space and more hydrotherapy jets.

Energy Efficient

No other hot tub manufacturer can compete with Eco Spas when it comes to energy efficiency. That is just as true with the E1. The 24-hour control system features an Eco Mode function that helps cut back on energy consumption. Let the dual filtration and ozone purification do the work of providing a clean and luxurious spa experience.

With the E1 from Eco Spas, you don’t have to travel far to find the ideal escape. This 210-gallon hot tub will keep you stress-free, with plenty of space for your friends and loved ones.

No Other Hot Tub is Easier To Use

The durable polymer surface on all Eco Spas models is virtually maintenance-free. Coupled with their easy-to-open built-in hardcover tops and maintenance panels, this model won’t have you breaking a sweat in order to enjoy your hot tub.

The best part about the E1? It requires no special hookups to get your hot tub up and running. It features a 110v plug-and-play option, allowing you to set up your backyard getaway anywhere near an outlet. Just plug it in, fill it up, and enjoy!

The E1 is not only easy to use, but it is easy to move! Well, as easy as a 360 lb piece of equipment can be to relocate. That’s because, unlike other models of hot tubs, the E1 hydrotherapy system is self-contained, making the whole unit portable.

Free Storage Steps & Shipping Included With This Hot Tub a $799 value!

Eco Spa free storage steps

Model Shown: E4

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Eco Spas Custom Options


Primary Colors


Eco Spa E5 Color Grey

Model Shown: E5


Eco Spa E3 Color Harvest

Model Shown: E3


Eco Spa E4 Color Sand

Model Shown: E4


Accent Colors & Patterns


Eco Spa Exterior Option: Stack


Eco Spa Exterior Option: Rattan