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Add Life and Leisure To Your Backyard

Generation Hot Tubs manufactures 9 different hot tubs across two collections.
These spas offer the perfect relaxation experience to match any budget! Each tub is manufactured in the United States and with expert craftsmanship and quality materials. This locally owned company is producing high quality and affordably priced spas.

Generation Hot Tub Warranty
  • 10 Years Shell
  • 3 Years Surface Finish
  • 3 Years Plumbing
  • 3 Years Electrical
Dynasty Spas Hot Tub Family 8 Person

Made in the USA!

Featured Generation Hot Tubs Models

GH 800 Deluxe / 7 Seats

Jets49Capacity500 galSize92” x 92” x 36”Dry Weight900 lbs

Boomer / 5-6 Seats

Jets44Capacity350 galSize82” x 82” x 36”Dry Weight650 lbs

Generation Hot Tubs Features

Affordable Pricing

No matter your budget Generation Hot Tubs offer the a spas for a wide variety of budgets. This allows for everyone to have affordable comfort and relaxation. Enjoy the comfort of a Generations Hot Tub in your backyard! These spas are perfect for those looking for an excellent hot tub for a great price.

American Made

Generation Hot Tubs are locally owned in Tennessee and proudly made in the USA. Their products are expertly crafted, made to last, and use premium materials.

List of Series

Classic Series

The Classic Series features hot tub models with 5 to 7 person capacity. In addition, some of the systems include a massage-style seats, with 11 jets for maximum relaxation . Embrace these timeless classics from Generationc Hot Tubs.

GH 800 Deluxe / 7 Seats

Jets49Capacity500 galSize92” x 92” x 36”Dry Weight900 lbs

GH 700 Classic / 5-6 Seats

Jets23Capacity350 galSize82” x 82” x 36”Dry Weight650 lbs

Legacy Series

With styles and options to fit any need, taste or budget, your Generation Hot Tub can be customized to enhance your life and provide you with superior relaxation.

Generation Hot Tubs Warranty

10 Year Warranty

For 10 YEARS from the original date of purchase, as long as the spa is owned by the original buyer, Generation Hot Tubs guarantees its spas to be structurally sound, capable of holding water only, and free from water loss through the Acrylobond laminate of the spa shell due to flaws in materials and/or workmanship. After inspecting the spa, Generation Hot Tubs reserves the right to decide whether to send it back to the manufacturer for shell replacement or repair. If the factory needs to be contacted again, the spa owner will be responsible for both the removal and return of the malfunctioning spa and the delivery and reinstallation of the new spa.

3 Years Warranty

As long as the spa is owned by the original buyer, Generation Hot Tubs guarantees all plumbing components to be free from flaws in material and/or workmanship for a period of 3 YEARS from the original date of purchase. Furthermore, leaks from wall fittings, jet fittings, internal plumbing, internal glue joints, freeze drains, and all bonded parts, such as the filter compartment and light lens, are expressly covered by this limited warranty. This Limited Warranty excludes damage resulting from improper winterization of the spa after a component failure or from improper winterization of the spa before freezing weather.

1 Year Warranty

For a full year following the original purchase date, the mechanical and auxiliary electrical systems are guaranteed against malfunctioning due to defects in materials and workmanship. Water purification systems, LED control units, lighting systems, speakers, power supplies, audio units, and audio remotes are examples of ancillary electrical systems. Water diverters, water value, air controls, and jet internals are examples of mechanical parts. Under warranty, there is no coverage for jet damage resulting from chemical imbalances or extremes in the water. Replaceable service items (lights, bulbs, fuses, pillows, etc.) are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and/or workmanship at the time of delivery to the original purchaser, even though they are not covered by this warranty. This excludes wireless remotes, for which there is no labor warranty covering replacement of any kind. Skirting panels have a one-year warranty against blistering and cracking; there is no labor warranty on jet internal replacement. typical wear and fading. This limited warranty does not cover minor bowing, discoloration, or weathering of the skirting panels, which may happen under certain circumstances. If the skirting panels break as a result of flaws in the materials or workmanship, this limited warranty will cover replacement parts only for the damaged areas of the panels. The sole cost of replacement skirting panel installation and shipping is borne by the spa owner.

Three Year Warranty

As long as the spa is owned by the original buyer, Generation Hot Tubs warrants that the interior surface finish of its spas will not blister or crack due to flaws in the acrylic surface material for a period of 3 YEARS from the original date of purchase. Faded or discolored surfaces are not covered by this surface finish warranty. Additionally, this Limited Warranty is void if any of the following contribute to or cause a failure: incorrect chemical usage, improper installation, improper introduction of foreign materials into the water, etc. The acrylic surface repair is further limited to the damaged area of the surface alone, and the repair is not warranted against fading or discoloration if there is a defect and/or failure to sufficiently protect the surface from exposure to the sun, elements, and extreme temperatures. Not a component of the acrylobond structure, the acrylic surface is merely a finish. The spa owner will be responsible for the removal and return of the defective spa to the factory, as well as for the delivery and reinstallation of the replacement spa, if a return to the factory is necessary

Three Year Warranty

For a duration of 3 YEARS from the original date of purchase, Generation Hot Tubs exclusively warrants the original owner of the electrical equipment components—more especially, the control system (pack and topside), pumps, and heaters—against malfunctions or defects in materials and/or workmanship. If the failure results from or is exacerbated by any of the following, this limited warranty will not cover it: incorrect wiring, using extension cords, making unauthorized changes or modifications, or failing to plug into isolated service as directed by the manufacturer’s specifications. Additionally, the original equipment manufacturers’ guidelines are adhered to by this Limited Warranty. Maintained by Generation Hot Tubs on your behalf, the labor coverage is an extended warranty program. The process for filing warranty claims can be found at your dealer or an approved repair facility.
General/Performance in the event that this Limited Warranty covers any defect. Such a defect will be corrected in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty by Generation Hot Tubs or its authorized agent. For services rendered after the first delivery, a fair trip fee will apply. For warranty service, the homeowner must grant complete access to every part of the spa. Generation Hot Tubs disclaims all liability for the installation, demolition, and reconstruction of any structures that surround the hot tub. The product made exclusively by Generation Hot Tubs is covered by the limited warranty. The balance, if any, on the original warranty for any parts or components replaced under this warranty will be transferred to the replacement goods. Generation Hot Tubs retains the right to send the hot tub back to the factory for repair or replacement with a hot tub of equivalent value to the original purchase price in the event that it is determined that a field repair of the covered defect is not practical. Should a factory return be necessary, the spa owner shall be responsible for the removal and return of the malfunctioning hot tub as well as the delivery and reinstallation of the new hot tub. The remaining balance on the original spa, if any, will be covered by the replacement hot tub warranty. For repairs made by anybody other than an authorized Generation Hot Tubs, Inc. contractor, the spa owner assumes liability. evocative. When seeking service, make sure to protect the hot tub from additional harm by taking all appropriate precautions and notifying your authorized Generation Hot Tubs dealer as soon as possible.
Under normal usage and care, Generation Hot Tubs warrants its products against defects in material and/or workmanship for the specified periods starting from the date of original purchase and ending after eighteen (18) months from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first. This limited warranty cannot be transferred to another individual and is only valid for the original retail buyer. Within 30 days following delivery, Generation Hot Tubs must receive a completed and valid warranty registration. In the event that Generation Hot Tubs does not receive the warranty registration in a proper manner, proof of purchase must be established. Return any faulty parts to the original supplier to be eligible for the benefits of the product guarantee. The seller’s responsibility under the aforementioned warranty is specifically restricted to fixing or replacing products, or parts thereof, at Generation Hot Tubs’ discretion. Products must be returned to Generation Hot Tubs after Generation Hot Tubs has received full payment of the owner’s share of the warranty cost.
The spa’s Limited Warranty will be nullified if it is harmed by earthquakes, accidents, carelessness, civil unrest, Acts of God, modifications, abuse, misuse, or installation in a commercial setting, loose union connections, attempted repairs by anyone other than Generation Hot Tubs or its authorized agent, or by other uncontrollable circumstances. NEGLECT, MISUSE AND ABUSE INCLUDES ANY INSTALLATION, OPERATION OR MAINTENANCE OF THE HOT TUBS OTHER THAN IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE OWNER’S MANUAL. The owner of the hot tub is required to read and follow the safety installation and other guidelines found in the owner’s manual. Owner’s manuals can be obtained by getting in touch with Generation or by visiting Generation Hot Tubs online. Jet damage resulting from incorrect water chemistry will not be reimbursed. This Limited Warranty excludes damage resulting from improper winterization of the spa after a component failure or from improper winterization of the spa prior to freezing weather. Coverage for the insulating cover and any accessories installed or attached to the spa after the date of manufacture is not included in this limited warranty. This Limited Warranty expressly excluded labor coverage for replacing internal jet components, tightening loose union connections, and replacing cabinet panels.
Representatives of Generation Hot Tubs are not representatives of Generation Hot Tubs, and no agent, dealer, representative, salesperson, or other individual is permitted to alter, amend, expand, or prolong this Limited Warranty or any of its contents, or to bind Generation Hot Tubs in any other way. In any case, regardless of how the claims come about, Generation Hot Tubs or any of its authorized representatives will not be held responsible for harm or damage to human or property. All prior published information is superseded by the terms and conditions of this warranty.
This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages, such as injury or property damage brought on by using or being unable to use this product. In addition to the particular rights listed below, you might also be entitled to other rights, which might differ from state to state. You should carefully read this limited warranty to understand your rights, as well as the expectations and limitations of the warranty. In order to receive any future warranty claims to which you may be entitled, register your warranty within the specified time period as your acceptance of this limited warranty.

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