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Hot Tub Health Benefits

Owning a hot tub or exercise pool comes with many major health benefits. Hydrotherapy with hot water has been proven to aid with mental and physical health. When you purchase a hot tub for your home you are embracing what cultures all over the world have used to increase their wellness for centuries.

Stronger Cardiovascular Health

Not only will regularly soaking in a hot tub lead to a lower resting heart rate but it can also lower your blood pressure. The hot water causes the dilation of blood vessels while being submerged makes your heart work harder. Meaning a stronger heart and improved circulation.

Overall Fitness

With the wellness series Swim Spas you can get a full body cardiovascular workout. There are also the exercise bands and an immersible stationary bike for resistance training to keep your muscles toned.

Relief of Arthritis Pain

When it comes to chronic pain from arthritis, doctors strongly suggest hydrotherapy as part of a full spectrum treatment. Spending 10-15 minutes, per day, soaking in water between 98 and 104F can improve your body’s flexibility and coordination.

Fewer Headaches

For those that suffer from tension headaches it can be difficult to ease the pain once it sets in behind your eyes. Thankfully, the warm water and hydrotherapy jets can help release tension all over your body and bring you relief.

Better Sleep

The recommended amount of sleep for most adults is at least 7 hours. Often what keeps us from reaching that goal is stress and aches. When you have access to a hot tub in your home you can get yourself ready for a life changing level of rest.

Improved Prostate Health

If you suffer from prostate swelling or issues with your pelvic muscles then a hot tub could provide you with much needed comfort. Studies have shown that soaking three times a day for at least 20 minutes can considerably help with these ailments.

Detox The Body

No matter the temperature outside, soaking in your hot tub will inevitably cause your body to sweat. This will clear your pores of impurities and toxins you absorb throughout the day. The the water system will clear those toxins away.

Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Spending time in a hot tub encourages the release of heat shock proteins which have been shown to possibly reduce blood sugar levels. Helping you to control your peak blood sugar levels.