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Perfect Holiday Gift List for Hot Tub Lovers

Every year at holiday time, there are some people on your Christmas List that you always have major trouble finding gifts for. These are usually the settled couples who ‘have everything’ and simply don’t need anymore household items cluttering up their homes. While this can be a challenge, there are certainly some alternatives you might try, especially if you have some hot tub lovers on your hard-to-buy-for list. Granted, you may not be prepared to purchase a swim spa pool for a friend or neighbor, but what about some high-quality aromatherapy products to enhance their enjoyment of the hot tub? Below you’ll find some other creative holiday gifts for the difficult people on your list.

Slider Spa Cover Roller

During cold weather, your spa will have to be protected from the cold air and any inclement weather that might be passing through. Usually, a cover for your swim spa pool is a bulky item that’s difficult to manage, and takes a considerable amount of time to emplace or remove it for usage. By installing a slider spa cover roller, you’ll make it much more convenient to enter or exit the spa with a minimum amount of time elapsed. This might be important if you’re standing outside in cold weather, urgently trying to reach the hot water inside the spa. With just a couple motions, the slider cover can be removed, and you can be warmed up very quickly in your spa. When you’re done using it, you can reinstall the slider cover quickly, so you don’t have to stand outside for very long.

Underwater theater

This is a very exciting kind of gift you can give to the hot tub lover on your list, because it’s really a magical underwater theater. You can purchase a Starburst 36-LED color spotlight that will deliver 36 different soothing and relaxing LED colors just by pushing a button. If you were to install your own digital lighting system around a hot tub, it would probably cost you several hundred dollars, but you can get the Starburst Underwater Theater for less than half that, and still provide an endlessly enjoyable gift for your friends or relatives.

Gift cards

Many people don’t like issuing gift cards as presents, because they’re afraid the recipient will think there was very little thought or consideration that went into the purchase of the gift. However, when you’re buying presents for hot tub lovers, gift cards can be perfect, because they can go toward purchasing spa supplies or a whole slew of accessories that might be useful for the owner. You can buy gift cards in almost any denomination, starting at $10 and going all the way up to $500, and this will amount to a tremendous little stocking stuffer that is much appreciated by the recipient.

Custom spa cover

If you have someone very special on your list who happens to be a hot tub lover, one gift that might really endear you to them is a custom-made spa cover. This will not only increase the visual appeal of their hot tub area, but it will also help them save money all year round on heating costs for the spa itself. You can get a high-quality customized spa cover for less than $500, and the good will that it generates on the part of your recipient will make it all worthwhile.