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Getting Your Hot Tub Ready For the Holidays in 15 Minutes or Less

The real key to prepping your hot tub for holiday action is to begin your preparation well before the holidays hit. The closer we get to the actual holidays, the more your schedule will become crowded with the thousand-and-one things that always have to be done for the special season. Late fall is probably the best time to begin your prep work since it’s after the heavy usage of summer and before the arrival of the holiday season. The more steps you accomplish before guests start showing up, the better off you’ll be in terms of preparedness. In this article, we’ll describe some of the most effective steps you can take to get your hot tub ready for holiday action, and these steps will require only a very small amount of your time.

Maintenance on your hot tub

First of all, you should ensure that your hot tub is completely clean so guests won’t be obliged to relax in a dirty unit. This means cleaning everything from the entrance ladder to the light fixtures and glass components. Make sure that the temperature is being properly regulated and that the hot water jets are free of obstructions and functioning properly. Then you should check to be sure that your cover provides adequate coverage for the hot tub, so debris can’t sneak in under the cover. You should avoid the temptation to turn the temperature way down because you’re not using it – this will only cause the unit to run harder when you increase the temperature, and you won’t really get any savings by lowering the temperature.

Care of hot tub water circulation

It’s important that the water in your hot tub be kept circulating constantly because this is what causes the filter to come into play, and trap any debris that might be circulating in the water. While you’re at it, be sure to check the filter itself, because if it becomes clogged, all filtering will be degraded and you won’t trap the undesirables to get them out of the water. Clean the filter out very well or have it replaced entirely, so you’re sure that it will be functioning 100% when guests start using the unit. You’ll also have to monitor the level of the water in your hot tub because if the water level dips too low, it will cause your heater and pump to shut down. On the other hand, if you get caught by surprise and a cold weather snap causes the hot tub water to freeze, it could trigger some major damage to your unit.

Water maintenance

Before guests arrive, it’s a good idea to check on the level of alkalinity as well as the pH level of your unit’s water. If you find that these levels are appropriate, then all you’ll need to do is make sure the water itself is completely sanitary for your visitors. If either of the two levels is a bit off, you should take whatever steps are necessary to bring them both back into balance before addressing the cleanliness of the water. Then go ahead and make sure the water is totally clean, and you may even want to shock the water to guarantee that it’s fresh and ready to accommodate all your guests.

Spruce up the hot tub area

If you have some holiday guests coming, you may want to do some decorating in the area around your hot tub, to provide a more festive atmosphere when people take a dip. You’ll make your visitors feel much more welcome by adding a few decorative touches around the hot tub, perhaps some decorative lighting or Christmas tinsel to liven things up. Once you’ve made the area look as festive and as welcoming as possible, all you’ll have to do is wait for the arrival of your guests. By taking the time to prepare your hot tub earlier in the season, you can avoid the kind of last-minute, frantic clean-up that you just never have time for around the holidays. Now you can relax, and enjoy a soothing dip in the swirling jets of water, and your stress level can be reduced down to near zero. Both you and your guests can now enjoy the season more fully.