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How to Buy the Perfect Hot Tub

It’s never a good idea to plunge right into making a major purchase without having done your homework, especially about quality, shelf life, performance, and warranties made available. A hot tub or swim spa can provide hours of relaxation and even some fitness benefits for users, and it can seem better than a massage for someone with tired, aching muscles. A swim spa pool or hot tub can be setup in your backyard wherever you may have adequate space for installation.

In this article, we will present a roadmap for making your hot tub purchase, beginning with gaining an understanding of exactly what you intend to do with your hot tub. This will be a critical question to ask since it will influence the size and the capabilities of the brand that you end up buying. There are other important questions to ask yourself too, and we’ll touch on all these below so you can be as prepared as possible when you begin your actual purchasing journey.

Understand your needs

Before actually browsing for an appropriate model, you should take some time to consider how exactly you’ll be using your hot tub. Will it be mostly for your physical relaxation and rejuvenation? How many people do you need to accommodate in one session? Will you be entertaining frequently, so that you’d have multiple guests joining you in the hot tub? Do you intend to operate the hot tub all year round, or just during the warmer seasons of the year? All these questions will have a direct bearing on the kind of unit you end up buying, so it’s a good idea to answer the questions before buying.

Which brand to buy?

Not only are there hundreds of brands to choose from, but there are endless variations available and several options you can have included in your hot tub purchase. It will be worth your while to do some homework at this stage and investigate the reputation for quality that each of your candidate manufacturers has. You may want to consider the energy efficiency offered by some of these brands, and you should also check out the quality and workmanship of each of your contenders. We have provided more information on some of the leading manufacturers of hot tubs in the last paragraph of this article.

Choose the right model

This is a very important step, because once you’ve made a purchase, any changes can become somewhat difficult, so you have to get this step right. When considering the specific model you might want, take into account your seating capacity, i.e. how many persons do you expect to accommodate at most during any given session? You’ll also want to examine the seating layout to make sure that it’s compatible with the individuals you expect to be using the hot tub. Make sure that the number of jets included in the hot tub will provide the kind of hydrotherapy you and your guest will need during operation. Lastly, make sure that the model you choose can fit into the available space in your backyard or other desired location.

Any accessories or extra features?

There are quite a few options and accessories you can customize for your hot tub purchase. For instance, you can purchase steps so that entering and exiting is convenient for all users. You may want to heighten the aesthetics of your hot tub by including a cascade or a fountain for additional visual appeal. You may want to install some special lighting that will add appeal during evening hours. Adding a cover and cover lifters will make it easy to protect your hot tub from all the debris that may be floating around your neighborhood.

Where to buy your hot tub

There are four different places where you might purchase a hot tub – at a show or fair, online, at a major store, or a hot tub dealer. Your best bet will generally be to purchase from a local hot tub dealer like Motor City Hot Tubs because they will be much more accountable than a fair-bought provider would be, or even an online store. A hot tub dealer in your area will be someone you live and work with, and will generally be more responsive to your needs than a completely foreign agent. To get the best deals and the absolute best customer service, make your hot tub purchase from us at Motor City Hot Tubs.

When to buy

For the most part, the best time of year to make a hot tub purchase will be toward the end of a calendar year. That’s when dealers are looking to bring in new models, and they’re more motivated to sell recent models quickly. Be on the lookout for any special deals being offered by local dealers, because you can save substantially during some of these discount days. Usually during the beginning of a year and the end of a year, sales are noticeably slower than at other times, and dealers are more inclined to offer promotions and discounts that make your purchase more affordable.

How much can you afford?

This should be a question you answer right at the outset because it will govern just what you should shop for. Be aware that even the same model might have a significantly different price between sections of the country, so the cost will be influenced by location as well as other factors. Adding extra features will of course add to the ticket price, as will having a higher seating capacity. In any case, you should be prepared to spend anywhere between $15,000 and $40,000 for your new hot tub, depending on the final configuration of your unit.

Best Hot Tub Brands

At Motor City Hot Tubs, we try to provide the very best quality hot tubs to our customers, because that quality level reflects on our company as well. You can see many of the models described below at either our Novi or Waterford showrooms, and we service all of metropolitan Detroit. Please stop in and see how affordable it can be to have your hot tub set up at your premises.

  • Coast – this manufacturer provides 15 different models of hot tubs, spread out over three different collections. These models range in capacity from a 4-seat model up to an 8-seat model and can be adapted to fit almost any free space you have around the home. The company offers outstanding warranties on the shell, cabinet, heater, and frame.
  • Dynasty – owners of a Dynasty hot tub enjoy a 20-year warranty on the shell, and substantial warranties on the electrical components, surface finish, and plumbing as well. Dynasty has combined all the properties of a great piece of fitness equipment with those of a luxury spa in this line of hot tubs. Choose from a 13-ft model or larger models up to 19-ft in length, and from 2-seats to 7-seats.
  • Wellis – the Wellis line of hot tubs offers a 2-seat version all the way up to a 7-seater, and all are ideal for providing maximum relaxation and hydrotherapy to soothe aching muscles. Wellis intentionally designs their hot tubs to deliver the most rejuvenating and relaxing experiences possible.
  • Viking – offering a superior limited lifetime warranty on the shell, Viking also provides excellent warranties on the electrical components, cabinet, and ozone system. The most popular Viking models are their 6-seat versions, and these are equipped with numerous jets to encourage and promote hydrotherapy and fitness. Viking models can be customized to include cascades, fountains, extra LED lighting, and Bluetooth audio.

There are, of course, other models available for purchase, but we like to specialize in offering products from these manufacturers since we have found them to be of superior quality and workmanship. If you have any questions about various hot tub models, don’t hesitate to contact us either on our website or by using one of the phone numbers provided on our contact page.