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What is the Perfect Hot Tub Temperature?

If you own a hot tub or a swim spa pool, you may have wondered what the ideal temperature is for safe and comfortable usage. The truth is, this is largely a matter of personal preference, with many people opting for the maximum temperature around 104 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this may be a bit too warm for some people, so they dial it down a notch or two, and leave the temperature at around 100 degrees or a little higher. The upper limit (104 degrees) is the temperature at which the Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined it is safe for users to operate. Most hot tubs have a built-in safety system which prevents the temperature from rising above this critical point.

Maintaining an established temperature

Once you’ve figured out the ideal temperature for usage by yourself and your family, you may be tempted to lower the temperature when you’ll be away from home. While this makes perfect sense usage-wise, it’s not really the best thing you can do for the unit itself. Raising and lowering the temperature of your hot tub will unnecessarily put wear and tear on the unit, and cause the heating element to wear out prematurely. It also causes some undue degradation of the circuit board that manages the heating element.

It is far better to establish an ideal temperature for your family, and leave the hot tub at that same temperature indefinitely. As long as you remember to cover the hot tub with an appropriate cover, it will insulate the unit so it doesn’t have to keep re-heating to achieve the desired temperature. The only time you should make an exception to this rule is the case where you’ll be away from home for an extended period of time. When you’re going on vacation for 10 days, or will be away from home for some other reason, it will be beneficial to turn down the temperature. You can even turn the unit off for that time, and re-heat it upon your return.

Some of the more sophisticated hot tubs even have built-in systems that allow you to minimize energy usage by using the ‘Vacation Mode’ or the ‘Away Mode’, in which the unit is reduced to minimal operation while you’re away from home. The one thing you should remember about maintaining hot tub temperature is that it’s very important for your hot tub cover to be completely intact. If it has holes in it or is otherwise compromised, it won’t be able to maintain the desired temperature without having to do a lot of extra work.

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